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Get listed on Google's 1st page for 30-40% less than the major suppliers

Top Search Engine Placement. Be on the first page of Google and Yahoo, the 2 LARGEST SEARCH ENGINES in the world.

Ads only appear in your local area or where ever you do business


We specialize in customized search engine marketing campaigns. After a short consultation with you and a web site evaluation, we will develop a strategic plan to focus your marketing campaign.

Our search engine marketing services:

Search Engine Marketing Consulting

Want to talk with an expert consultant about search engine marketing?

Maybe you just want an objective opinion on your online marketing strategy.

Whether it's general search engine marketing techniques or a site specific discussion, here's your opportunity.

Documented Success • Track Your Advertising has exceeded client expectations. Let our search engine marketing clients tell you about our proven track record.

Multi-Disciplinary Approach • As a full-service Internet marketing agency, all of our pay per click advertising efforts are executed in-house and supported by solid disciplines in marketing, technology, and business strategy.

Best In Class Search Engine Marketing Technology • Track Your Advertsing has the best and most powerful combination of proprietary, custom developed applications and existing search engine marketing tools in the industry.

Superior Marketing Intelligence • We maintain strategic partnerships with the best sources of Internet marketing knowledge, intelligence gathering, and analytical research.

Search Engine Marketing Certified Experts • The Track Your Advertising team of Internet marketing experts and search engine marketing specialists are certified by the top three search engines, Google, Yahoo!, and MSN.

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Web Site Analysis Report

We recommend a full Web Site Analysis prior to most campaigns. This comprehensive report evaluates critical areas of your site, including:

  • Source Code Components - Search engines place greater weight on certain HTML tags and certain portions of your web page. We'll identify areas where your HTML code can be changed to boost certain keywords.
  • Editorial Content - We'll review your site's text to determine if it properly emphasizes your keywords. Carefully written text is a key component to boosting your search engine ranking.

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Pay Per Click (PPC)

Need instant traffic from the big search engines today?

Our Pay Per Click option can help.

With this option, we handle all the keyword research, bidding strategy, and daily maintenance for you.

All you do is handle the traffic!

Pay Per Click benefits:

  • Gives an immediate search presence
  • Great for placement on words where you can’t get SEO presence
  • Works well with sites with “spider traps”, such as flash sites, dynamic sites, etc.
  • Great for seasonal items or time sensitive promotions
  • Easy to track measures of success

PPC can be a time and resource drain if you try to do it in-house. Save yourself the headaches by outsourcing it. We'll manage the whole campaign for you and save you money along the way.

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Web Site Usability Testing

Our tracking process, tells you for sure what exactly your site is producing.

Because we care about your ROI, we focus on more than simply driving traffic to your site. Our services include usability testing that can identify serious issues in the way people use your web site.

Our usability tests are not simply a subjective opinion about your pages. Rather, we provide an objective assessment of your site's functionality based on observed user interaction. We use live testers, assigning them specific tasks on your site, and monitoring whether they can successfully complete these tasks.

This approach is highly effective in pinpointing pitfalls that prevent visitors to your site from becoming buyers.

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ROI Tracking

We don't just focus on your search engine rankings. Instead, we focus on your return-on-investment (ROI).

Search engine rankings by themselves can be meaningless if your keyword traffic doesn't translate into sales.

We use ROI tracking tools to monitor your search engine visitors after they arrive at your web site. This lets us identify which keywords bring real value, and which bring empty traffic.

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Keyword Analysis

Picking the right keywords can make a difference in the overall success of your search engine marketing campaign. Whether you are engaged in a standalone Pay Per Click campaign, a standalone SEO campaign, or an integrated search engine marketing campaign, establishing a list of relevant targeted keywords is fundamental.

We strongly recommend that keyword analysis be a part of any search engine marketing effort. We provide keyword strategy and customized keyword targeting support. Call for service fees.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization provides the best return on investment of any online marketing technique.

Search engine optimization offers unique benefits, including:

  • Delivers qualified leads to your site that are actively seeking products like yours
  • Generates positive branding, since highly ranked sites are perceived as having high credibility
  • Produces long-lasting results - good optimization can last for years

Your SEO campaign will involve modifications to your site's HTML code and it's visible text.

Our full Search Engine Optimization Campaign includes the Web Site Analysis and Keyword Research reports as part of the package, plus optimized HTML source code components and monthly maintenance and tracking. Call or email for a custom quote for your site.

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Link Building Campaign

The emergence of link popularity as a ranking criterion is the single most important change in search engine optimization over the past three years. Every major search engine now considers a site's "link quality" when assigning rank.

Our systematic methodology, combined with a personalized friendly approach has resulted in our success in acquiring high quality links for our clients. We do not use spam emails to request links or link farms which could cause problems with the search engines. Our methods take a little time, but the payoff is higher.

This is a premium service that pays for itself. The price varies on the number of links requested.

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Overwhelmed by the options? Want help in determining which search engine marketing methods are best for your business?

Call us and we'll create a customized search engine marketing plan that will jumpstart your online business and stay within your budget. We work with large and small companies and all budgets. Search engine marketing works and it’s the fastest, most effective way to reach online customers. Call now to get started today!

Search Engine Optimization: Optimizing your web site to come up in search engines can be a crucial indicator in the success of your overall web strategy. It can make a difference between ranking number one or ranking 5,000 on the search engine results. Track Your Advertising’s comprehensive coding of your site can make a significant positive difference to your online visibility.

Site Linking: Site Linking with other websites to yours can help dramatically raise your rankings and be recognized by search engines to get you better site positioning in the “organic search” (free section). Higher ranking will provide better placement and more free hits.

Our tracking process, tells you for sure what exactly your site is producing.


You can’t manage what you don’t measure. 
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