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5 Reasons to Track your Website Traffic

5 ways we can help you make your website more then a brochure
So many small businesses - build web sites & invest online then devote little effort analyzing the return on their investment?

It's more common than you would ever realize.

1. You can evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.
If you're spending a lot on web advertising you need to see what is performing and what isn•t. What if you aren't spending any money at all on online marketing? We will show you the gaps and holes in your search engine rankings and results, and very likely how you can shore them up.

2. You need to know where your traffic is coming from, and why.
Are search engines your site's biggest source of traffic? Are you spending money on Internet yellow pages? Also, are your efforts to generate new customers and sales leads working or not?

3. You need to know what users like and don't like about your Web site.
We will identify your site's most requested pages, as well as your most common entry pages and exit pages. If you know what is working well, you can capitalize on your site to provide more of it. But knowing your most common exit pages can be just as beneficial. Where users bail out is important.

4. You need to know why people •bounce •out of your site quickly (Mostly inside of 5 seconds).
If you invest in trying to drive traffic to your site and people are leaving quickly, it is a sure red flag your website needs some work. You need to know what is happening with your money that is going out to direct potential clients to your site.

5. It's how you'll really get to know your customers.
The Internet -- and all of the technologies associated with it -- allows you to understand your customers and prospects better than other media and marketing channels. In the online world, not everybody is going to come to your site to buy a product or service. But the Web allows you to track where they go and what they do on your site, so you can make changes to your site based on their behavior.

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. 
Internet advertising measured and reported to you.

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